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Welcome to Step Family Life Coaching.

I understand that Step Family life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. As a Certified Stepparent Coach, I’m here to help you find yourself and realize your potential. If you’re feeling lost or stressed, I’ll help you learn how to move forward in a mindful manner.


My Story

Val or often known as: (MinnesotaMrsMom)

I am a Wife to my wonderful Husband, a Step Mom to a beautiful Step Daughter and a Mom to two handsome Boys.  

  • We are a family of laughter and jokes.  We love to go on new adventures and explore new areas.  Making memories is our favorite family activity!

When I became a Step Mom over 14 years ago, I never realized what my life was about to become.  What I had to start to realize is being a Step Mom is one of the hardest jobs out there.  


I am also an Adult Child of divorce.  My parents got divorced after I became married and had children.  Adult Children also grieve with their Parents divorcing, which is a hard concept to grasp.

 I became a Certified Stepparent Coach because I wanted to become more educated on the Step Family Life.  If I knew there was someone to help coach me with all the Step Family Life struggles when it all began in the beginning, I would not have struggled with the stepparenting conflict through all the early years of being a Step Mom. 


I did not know what my part of the family really was, when I married my husband.  I wish I knew someone that could relate with my situation, as I felt alone with the unknown of what being a Step Mom was all about.  And that is why I want to help coach you with your Step Family Life so you can become a better you.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s Stepparent demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and help with self-motivation. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday Stepparent life.

Step Family Life Coaching is not therapy.  I will not talk about your childhood, prescribe any medications or provide any diagnosis.  My work is to help you find positive solutions towards your future.  


In order to love yourself, you need to take time to yourself.




Want to hear more about how I can help transform your life?  Contact me today to schedule a session.

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